Do you charge for non-delivered SMS

PHComm partners with different carriers and network providers. These providers charge per submitted SMS message. All submitted messages from platform to the local network providers were charged regardless of the status. 

Add Funds & Payment Options

We provide the following payment options for you in order to add funds to your account: 

What is a Sender ID?

Sender ID

A sender ID is an 11-character, alphanumeric string, that can be used as the "from" address for SMS text messages that are sent out, MTs. Sender ID commonly used for SMS programs that are one-way (outbound). Known as 'Originator' In Text to Join programs. 

How to enable Transcoding

Certain special characters (e.g. in the Greek language but also certain symbols) will require your SMS to be sent in Unicode text encoding.

Do You Offer High Volume Discounts

PHComm does not have any discount or offers at the moment. However, we can provide a custom pricing and deal to customers with high volume. We can tailor-fit a solution for you depending on your SMS needs. 


Frequently asked questions.

Send SMS messages. All you need to know.

You can upload many phone numbers into contacts, or manually create them on PHComm. You can then organize them with tags and use them as recipients of your messages/campaigns.

One contact can be assigned to one or more tags and you can send messages/campaigns to one or several tags at the same time.


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