Service Restrictions on SMS Content

Restrictions on SMS Content 

Each country might have other restrictions on content and requirements. PHComm support and sales representative might require you to provide the exact SMS message in order to verify them with our partner carriers or networks.

Send SMS to a single number

Users can send SMS to bulk recipients or to a single number only.

How to Send SMS to your Contacts

Users can send SMS to bulk recipients to selected contacts.

International Sender ID regulations and requirements (list of countries)

PHComm follows local regulations for Sender ID and content requirements including URL/links. 

Schedule a message

You can schedule a message (single, tags, pasted numbers) to be send on a future time. 


Frequently asked questions.

Send SMS messages. All you need to know.

You can upload many phone numbers into contacts, or manually create them on PHComm. You can then organize them with tags and use them as recipients of your messages/campaigns.

One contact can be assigned to one or more tags and you can send messages/campaigns to one or several tags at the same time.


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