PHComm supports the standard 160 characters for a single SMS. And up to 70 characters if using Unicode. This standard length includes spaces and special characters in length. 

Since most mobile devices can display long messages, users can send multi-part messages on the platform. You will be charged the price of one SMS per part used.

Unicode (UCS-2) encoding supports a great range of characters and languages compared to the very limited alphabet of 7bit encoding. If your message contains any characters not listed in the 7-bit alphabet, UCS-2 encoding is automatically used. In this case, each message takes up a lot more space, thus the message length is reduced to 70 characters. On the other hand, If you only use characters that belong to 7bit encoding the message length can be up to 160 characters.

We provide an easy-to-use editor that will show you the live count of characters or SMS parts while you are composing the SMS text giving you full clarity on the expected costs.

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