Check out PHComm advanced messaging and AI features, click below accordion for more details.

We offer more than just messaging and SMS. Use our advanced shortlinks, GDPR & Privacy compliance features features, send personalised messages, verify your numbers and clean your mobile number database, rent virtual numbers / shortcodes / longcodes to use as senderID's.

Take advantage of a powerful HTTP API / SMPP API’s for integrations with your ERP/CRM systems or high volume messaging.

Join us to the new era of mobile messaging with enriched SMS and OTT Messaging.

  • Shortlinks

    Create shortlinks that will assist you gather valuable information about your customers. Shortlinks allow you to get detailed information for each campaign allowing you to perform A/B tests. Collect sub-sets of users that clicked your link including their numbers, device information and time of click. Create meaningful analytics using our CTR (Click Through Rate ) to compare campaign efficiencies.

  • Optout / Compliance /STOPSMS

    We offer powerful tools for Privacy and GDPR compliance. We have a one-click shortlink service through our domain where customers can click and automatically opt-out from your future campaigns. Contact your account manager for more information on the options.

  • Personalized Messages (Mail Merge)

    Send personalised messages with up to 5 dynamic tags through our powerful message editor. Add dynamic tags like {name} {surname} and custom tags like {custom1} {custom2} that will automatically get replaced with your content. Every subscriber will received a deeply personalised message that is relevant to them.