Feature rich API

designed for developers

Programmable and scalable API in your language of choice. Quickly send instant notifications for OTP, 2FA, Marketing and integrate with your apps. PHComm API's are redundant, scalable, and allow you to send a large number of messages to every country in the world in minutes.

Implement SMS notifications, OTP, reminders etc. into your workflow and build apps that send SMS with our redundant SSL SMS API. *

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api gateway features

OTP SMS (One time Passwords)

Secure your app with One Time Passwords for use in Banking, Financial, Healthcare, Enchanced Security Websites

Notification SMS (OTT)

Send instant SMS notifications for order confirmation, transactions, reminders, activity.

Calendar Reminders

Remind your customers of their appointments and reduce no shows. Integrate with your CRM or Calendar

SMS Marketing & Newsletters

Quickly send bulk SMS to a large number of recipient all over the world.

Surveys & Feedback Requests

Quickly engage with your customers through our 2-WAY SMS connectivity

Easy to use

If you do need to create bespoke campaigns, your developers will love how easy it is to use our API.